5 Benefits of Installing a Skylight in Your Home

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a room that has plenty of natural light, you feel like the room is more inviting, calming, and instantly more comfortable? Chances are that if you’ve walked into a room and felt those sensations, the room is outfitted with a skylight window.

Skylight windows and skylight roof windows are two of the best types of windows you can add to your home. They have numerous benefits, and below, we’ll go over the different types of skylight windows and the top five benefits of having a skylight window or a skylight window replacement done by a professional roofing company.

Installing a Skylight in Your Home

What Are the Different Types of Skylight Windows?

First things first, there are four major types of skylight windows, and their differences are subtle. They are:

  • Fixed skylight windows: Fixed skylight windows don’t open, so they don’t provide any ventilation and are designed for places that are out of reach. They also have a minimal exterior profile, so they don’t obstruct your roofline and they let in plenty of natural light discreetly.
  • Tubular skylight windows: Tubular skylight windows have a rooftop dome that sunlight shines into, and then it’s transferred inside your home through a reflective duct that’s tube-shaped. They have a more prominent exterior profile but a minimal interior profile, which makes them ideal for small spaces.
  • Vented or skylight roof windows: Vented windows, or skylight roof windows, open outwardly, so they’re perfect for areas that need more ventilation and fresh air. They’re incorporated into the design of a roof, so they don’t obstruct your roofline unless the windows are open.
  • Solar-powered skylight windows: Solar-powered skylights are a form of skylight roof windows because they can be opened. What makes them different is that they have a solar panel that harnesses the sunlight and converts it into electricity, which is then used to open and close the window.

What Are the Benefits of Skylight Windows?

Skylight windows have countless benefits, but we’ll just give you the top five perks of them. They are:

1. Skylight windows provide natural light.

This is the main reason homeowners love skylight windows. Natural light makes small spaces look bigger, brightens up a home, and makes it feel more welcoming. Being exposed to natural light also confers a few health benefits, too. Natural light increases your vitamin D, helps keep seasonal depression at bay, and improves your circadian rhythm.

2. Skylight windows can save you money on your utility bills.

A pretty big misconception is that roof windows and skylights are not energy-efficient, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Skylight windows are energy-efficient, and when your skylight window or skylight window replacement is installed properly by a roofer, you’ll save money on your heating, cooling, and electric bills.

3. Skylight windows increase the value of your home.

Skylight windows increase the value of your home for two main reasons: because they help save money on energy bills and because of the amazing aesthetic they provide to any home. Those are some of the most important things homebuyers are looking for when searching for their next homes.

4. Skylight roof windows improve the air quality of your home.

When you install skylight roof windows that open up, you can improve the air quality in your home by allowing hot air to escape, letting humid air escape, and allowing fresh air to flow in. When you allow fresh air to circulate through your home, you’re no longer breathing stale air, and you’re clearing out airborne germs and odors.

5. Skylight windows offer more privacy.

One of the best things about skylight windows is that you get to enjoy all the perks listed above — tons of natural light, fresh air, lower energy bills, and a higher resale value of your home — with ample privacy because they’re installed on your roof. With standard windows, you have to sacrifice some of your and your family’s privacy if you want to have the same amount of fresh air and light coming in.

Ready to Add Skylight Windows to Your Home?

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