Storm Damage Repairs

Severe weather can strike at any time. When it hits your home’s roof just right, it can cause serious damage that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you own a home long enough, it’s very likely you will face a situation where (storm damage repair) is needed for your home’s roof. Hail damage alone affects more than 10 million homes in the United States every year, but hail isn’t the only source of this damage. High winds, heavy rain and hurricane conditions, and falling branches and debris can all cause storm damage to your home’s roof.

At the same time, sorting out (roof repair) needs and contacting vendors can be difficult as homeowners navigate post-storm cleanup. Whether you’re dealing with storm damage to your home’s roof, or you’re simply eager to be prepared for this scenario, it’s important to know how to approach this process.

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Storm Damage Repairs

What Do You Do After a Storm Damages Your Roof?

When storm damage strikes, the first step is to make sure everyone is safely out of the house. If emergency services are required, call 911 immediately.

After emergency response is underway, contact your insurance company to file a claim. Even if you don’t know the full extent of the damage to your roof, an insurance appraiser will inspect your roof to assess the damage.

You should also contact a local roofing company to get a free assessment of the cost of these repairs. A roofing company can communicate with your insurance company to make sure certain types of damage are covered according to your home insurance policy.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Hurricane Damage?

According to available data regarding severe storm damage, the cost of these repairs averages out to around $9,800 per home. However, this cost can be far greater or lower than the average amount depending on the extent of the damage to your home.

The high winds and heavy rain brought by hurricanes can lead to significant damage to your home’s roof. It can also cause water leaks that penetrate the roof and cause interior damage throughout your home. Although the average cost to fully replace a roof is around $8,000 per home, this cost may be lower if the roof can be repaired instead of replaced.

If damage occurs underneath the roof, though, this can push the price of storm damage even higher. Ultimately, this interior damage can combine with the cost of a roof repair to hit homeowners with a bill even greater than the price of a roof replacement.

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Is Storm Damage Accidental Damage?

As far as insurance companies are concerned, yes: storm damage is accidental, rather than intentional, which means the damage will be covered if that type of damage is covered in your home insurance policy.

In rare situations, storm damage repair claims may be denied by an insurance company if you willfully neglect maintenance or repair needs, such as replacing a roof that is beyond its life expectancy, or if improper installations or DIY work was identified as the cause of damage.

For the vast majority of cases, though, storm damage will be classified as accidental and not the fault of the homeowner.

Can I Claim for Storm Damage On My House Insurance?

In most cases, homeowners should be able to file a claim for storm damage with their insurance company. This process starts with a claim that is filed either over the phone or online. After the claim is filed, an adjuster will visit your home to conduct an on-site inspection of the damage.

After the adjuster has finished their review, you will find out whether your claim is being approved or denied. If denied, you may be able to dispute this conclusion and seek out compensation.

If approved, you can proceed with finding a roofing company that will perform your home’s required repairs.

What Counts as Storm Damage?

It sounds simple, but storm damage is any type of damage determined to be caused by severe weather. Insurance adjusters and roofing professionals are often able to tell, upon inspection, whether roof damage was caused by severe weather elements such as hail and wind, or whether the damage occurred for a different reason.

Ultimately, insurance will determine whether the damage qualifies as storm damage, for the purposes of approving or rejecting your claim.

How Can I Find The Best Companies Offering Roof Repair Near Me?

When your roof is damaged, you need quick and dependable repair services offered by a reputable roofing company. Consult online reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations and other resources as you evaluate your local roofing company options to find a trustworthy service provider.

Once you’ve identified a few companies that may be able to help, contact them directly to see when they might be able to visit your home. Given the risk of additional roof damage caused by delayed repairs, you should seek out a roofing company that can administer repairs as quickly as possible.

Storm damage on your roof may be a temporary source of stress and anxiety, but a reliable roofing company can patch up that damage, restore your roof and save your home from additional damage. In need of repairs? Contact a local roofing company today to schedule a site visit.