Chimney Caps

If your home has a chimney connected to a working fireplace, you may want to consider installing chimney caps on top of this home feature. Chimney caps provide a protective barrier that keep pests and rain out of your home, while also preventing sparks from escaping the chimney and starting a fire in tree branches or other debris.

While homeowners may have mixed feelings about the aesthetic look of chimney caps, the benefits of these caps may outweigh the cons—and the minor investment into chimney caps now could save you from more costly chimney expenses in the future.

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Chimney Caps

Is a Chimney Cap Necessary?

While a chimney cap isn’t always necessary, there are a number of benefits that come with this exterior feature—particularly if you’re eager to avoid certain problems that can otherwise plague your home’s chimney.

Chimney caps are needed to prevent the following issues:

  • Water leaks into your home. A solid cap covers the chimney opening to significantly reduce the amount of water that enters your home through the chimney.
  • Pest infestations. Birds and squirrels may try to build a nest in your chimney. In rare cases, pests may even try to enter your home. Even if the flue prevents pests from entering, they could become trapped and die in the chimney, which will clog the chimney and require a servicing visit.
  • Outdoor fire risks. The chimney cap traps large sparks and embers that could escape through the chimney and start a fire outside—or even on your roof.
  • Reduce chimney maintenance needs. A chimney cap ultimately reduces the amount of wear and tear animals and the weather inflict on your home. This reduces maintenance costs over time, saving you money.

When Should You Cap a Chimney?

If your chimney is currently uncapped, the best time to install a chimney cap is now. The longer you wait to cap a chimney, the greater the risk of damage to your chimney, as well as other potential problems.

If your chimney cap is damaged, seek out a chimney cap replacement as soon as possible to mitigate any related damage that could affect your chimney.

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Chimney Capped?

While the average cost to install a new chimney cap is around $300, this cost could be as high as $1,000 depending on the type of chimney cap you choose and the difficulty of the installation.

Keep in mind that if your home has multiple chimneys, each chimney will require its own cap.

Can I Cap My Own Chimney?

While homeowners may be tempted to install a chimney cap on their own, there are several potential drawbacks to attempting a DIY chimney cap project. Possible dangers and installation risks include:

  • Working on your home at a high elevation. If you aren’t experienced in working on your home’s roof, the uneven surfaces could put you at serious risk of falling and becoming injured.
  • Dealing with masonry. Basic masonry skills are required to properly fit a chimney cap to your chimney. If you haven’t worked with masonry in the past, you could end up installing the cap incorrectly, which can lead to other problems.
  • Damage to the chimney. Improper installation could result in loose or damaged flashing, poor-fitting caps, and even damage to the bricks and mortar of the chimney itself.
  • Insurance liability if something goes wrong. If a fire, smoke damage or other home issue develops due to an improperly installed chimney cap, insurance could attempt to deny your claim since you attempted a DIY installation on your own. This is more likely if the cap wasn’t installed according to local building codes.

How Do I Find Companies Installing Chimney Caps Near Me?

Since chimneys are a part of your home’s roofline, many roofing companies also offer chimney cap installation as part of their roofing services.

This won’t be the case with every roofing company, though, so it’s important to double-check with each service provider to make sure they service chimney caps. You can check local business listings and/or ask neighbors and friends for word-of-mouth recommendations to build a short list of roofing companies, and then contact those companies directly to see how quickly they can install or replace a chimney cap on your home.

While chimney caps carry a modest cost to homeowners, the peace of mind they offer can be well worth the investment. Contact a local roofing company today to get new chimney caps installed on your home.