Why You Need a Professional Roof Inspection After a Storm

Summer is arguably the best season to live in Florida, but with the warmer months and longer days comes one downfall: the Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 30 in the Atlantic Ocean, with September typically being the roughest. Jacksonville is considered one of the most vulnerable cities in the US for costly storm damage.

Hurricane weather produces strong, high-speed winds, colossal rainfall, and massive hail, all of which can severely damage your roof. That’s why we want to talk about the importance of having a professional roofing company do a damage inspection after a storm. Keep reading to find out why you should call a local and professional roofing company to perform a storm or roof inspection after a storm has passed.

Why Stay Local?

Unfortunately, after a hurricane or other big storm, many roofing scammers seem to crop up overnight — and at a time when homeowners are at their most vulnerable. Roofing scams are most common after a big storm, and they typically involve people or “businesses” claiming to offer professional roofing services. In reality, they are just looking to take advantage of homeowners who need wind or hail restoration work done.

If your home receives damage from a storm, it’s important to call a local and professional roofing company to do a storm and roof inspection. Why local? Because a local company is familiar with the weather in your area, knows the laws and building codes in Jacksonville, and understands the unique needs a Jacksonville roof requires. When you work with a local roofer, it’s also easier to verify that it’s a professional company.

The Benefits of Having a Professional Damage Inspection Done

After a storm, many of us are tempted to head up to our roofs, assess the damage ourselves, and hire the first person we can find to perform a damage inspection. The problem with this approach is that wind and hail damage are often hard for the untrained eye to spot. The benefits of having a professional storm and roof inspection done are:

The pros know what to look for.

Hiring a professional property damage inspector and roofing company to inspect your roof is beneficial because they know what to look for after a storm. They’re expertly trained to:

  • Assess your roof’s stability and support system.
  • Inspect shingles for damage that’s hard to spot.
  • Look at the attic insulation to make sure it wasn’t exposed or compromised during the storm.
  • Check for leaks inside your home.

They’ll be able to determine if your roof needs hail restoration and repair or if you need to replace your roof entirely.

It’s safer for them to be on your roof.

It’s tempting to climb on your roof yourself to see if there are any obvious signs of damage, but it’s not the safest place for you to be. Going onto your roof is dangerous for you and your roofing system. You run the risk of slipping or falling from your roof and seriously injuring yourself in the process. It’s also bad for your roof for you to walk around on it. Roofs aren’t made to be walked on, and a professional roofer knows how to safely walk on and around your roof without damaging your shingles or compromising your roof’s support system.

Hurricane season can be a serious matter for a homeowner. Knowing whom to call if your roof gets damaged is important. If you’re in Jacksonville and need a roof inspection done by an honest professional, contact the First Name in Jacksonville Roofing: Jack C. Wilson Roofing Co.