Can Heat Impact Your Roof

Can heat impact your roof? The short answer is yes. Summer heat can be unforgiving. The heat can be relentless, causing shingles to break or crumble. Most people don’t think about heat’s impact on their roof, but we are here to talk about the effects of heat on roofs and what you can do to prevent damage.

Can Heat Impact Your Roof

How Does Heat Impact Your Roof? 

Roofs are the most crucial component of a house; they protect your home’s structure from outside weather conditions. But exposure to excessive heat without shade can cause damage to your roof.

Unless you have shade on your roof trees or buildings, your roof can reach up to 149 to 194 °F (65 to 90 °C). If the roof stays at a high temperature for a long time, it can undergo severe damage. If you notice any of the following, it is likely your roof is damaged:  

  1. Roof discoloration. 
  2. Decaying or balding shingles 
  3. Curling shingles 
  4. Deteriorating 
  5. Peeling 
  6. Buckling 

A roof made of dark material tends to absorb more heat. It can lead to a breakdown of the materials on the roof more rapidly. The heat also accelerates the destructive effect of UV rays and creates additional issues.

Also, high roof temperatures can cool off quickly as the sun goes down and can lead to thermal shock. This is when material expands and contracts in a short period of time and can lead to the deterioration of your roof.

The same goes with metal as heat can cause it to bend or break.  

3 Ways to Protect Your Roof From the Heat 

So now you know what heat can do to your roof. You may be wondering, “How can I protect my roof then?” The good thing is that the damages don’t come overnight – damages build up over time due to prolonged exposure to heat.

If your roof is under ten years old, you likely won’t have to worry. After that period, you should take special care, especially if you notice any of the above-mentioned roof issues. If done correctly, you’ll save money and time in the long run. Here are some things you can do to prolong the life of your roof:  

1. Maintenance Roof Regularly 

Taking care of your roof helps it stay in good condition. Keep the gutters clean, do regular roof inspections or ask for professional help. Be sure to clean moss, mold, tree leaves, and branches. In winter, remove snow from your roof regularly.   

2. Ensure Roof Ventilation 

Make sure you have enough roof ventilation. You can use roof vents to fix condensation, and it’s an excellent way to prepare your roof for the summer heat. Consider contacting a roofing service to install or clean vents for you.  

3. Have Roof Insulation 

Roof insulation also stabilizes the interior temperature and helps reduce moisture levels, allergens, and mold growth – which could contribute to respiratory illness in children. It also reduces energy bills by keeping a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

Take proper measurements for the sake of your roof’s health. It’s necessary to keep your home safe and comfy for you and your family.

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