What Color Roof Keeps Your Home Coolest?

Color Roof

One of the most exciting aspects of updating your home with a new roof is picking the roof color. If you’ve never purchased a roof before, you might be surprised to learn that there are many shade varieties. As a result, you can match up your roof with the rest of your home for maximum curb appeal and an updated, fresh look that turns your home into the most excellent residence on the block.

But choosing a roof color isn’t just a design-related effort. There’s a practical side to roof color, too. Studies have shown that some roof color options may keep your home cooler than others. However, the performance of your roof color can vary wildly depending on other factors, including the roof type you choose, whether or not your roof has been professionally installed, and how dedicated you are to roofing maintenance.

Why Would Roof Color Matter?

Think about the color wheel. Brighter hues generally reflect more light compared to darker shades. That is, soft hues will not absorb light like dark hues.

This is the guiding principle behind choosing a roof color that is less likely to absorb the heat from sunlight. If a roof reflects sunlight rather than holding on to it, your home will be naturally more relaxed than it otherwise would be.

For this reason, a light roof color like light gray could improve your comfort (and perhaps utility bills) more than a dark gray or black roof might. But you must have realistic expectations. Just because you purchase a white shingled roof doesn’t mean your home will suddenly be much more relaxed during the hottest summer days. As mentioned above, many other factors go into the mix when it comes to your roofing, producing a cooling effect on the interior of your home.

Roofing Factors for Keeping Your Home Cool—Aside from Roof Color

No matter what color you want your roof to be, you can get more performance out of it by being aware of the following considerations:

  • Insulation: A roof that insulates your home can help trap more cool air when running your air conditioning unit. Every roof type offers a unique insulation ability, so speak with your roofer about insulation when picking a new roof.
  • Ventilation: Roofs must be well-vented so air can freely flow underneath the roof. When a roof is more “breathable,” it can make the inside of the home feel calmer.
  • Maintenance: Keeping up with all your roofing maintenance duties, like seasonal inspections and gutter cleaning, will help your roof serve you well for as long as possible. Keeping your gutters and roof free from debris can positively impact how fabulous your home is because nothing will get in the way of your roof reflecting light. Not sure about which roofing maintenance actions you should be taking? A local roofer can assist you.
  • Repairs: What is a cool roof? It’s a roof that is in tip-top condition. Along with regular roofing maintenance, you should focus on making roofing repairs as soon as possible. This allows you to get the most value out of your roof and avoid unnecessary interruptions in performance.

Roof Color, Roofing Trends, and Fitting All Your Roofing Needs Together

As you read about the latest roof trends, you may get great ideas for your next roof. However, you don’t need to worry that if you pick a darker roof color to match your property aesthetically, you’ll regret it later because your house will feel too warm.

The bottom line is that there are many reasons that your home may feel more relaxed or warmer. Some are related to your roof, but they’re not all tied to its color. Consequently, choose the shade you like best instead of worrying.

When you’re ready to investigate different kinds of roofs for your next roofing project, please get in touch with Jack C Wilson’s professional roofers. We’re the experts serving homeowner and commercial needs throughout the Jacksonville, FL, area. Our team members can show you all your choices, including a bounty of roof colors, to bring out the beauty in your house.