Everything You Need to Know About Roof Leaks

Your home’s roof is easy to take for granted, but when it springs a leak, you realize how important it is. It keeps your house dry and holds the temperature while protecting it from damage. Well, it protects your house until it doesn’t. That’s the thing about roof leaks; you want to catch them as early as possible before they get too bad. That’s because roof leaks can cause tremendous damage, both to your possessions and your wallet.

Everything You Need to Know About Roof Leaks

Here, we will review everything you need about roof leaks. We’ll tell you the warning signs, causes of roof leaks, and what you can do about them. 


Your roof is solid, but that doesn’t mean it is indestructible. Here are some of the most common causes of roof leaks.


This one should come as no surprise. Our roofs are built to keep the weather outside of our homes, but they can only take so much damage. So, watch out for these various climates that can cause damage to your roofs:

  • Extreme Heat
  •  Cold and Freezing
  • Heavy Rainfall
  • High Winds
  • Hailstorms
  • Coastal and Saltwater
  • Severe Storms and Tornadoes

Suppose you are wondering, “why does my roof only leaks sometimes” It could be because of the weather. If you notice that your roof only leaks when the weather is bad, you should have it inspected by an experienced professional as soon as possible. 

Understanding the specific climate risks in your region is essential for maintaining and protecting your roof. Regular inspections and prompt repairs can help mitigate the potential damage caused by these climates.


If you don’t know the warning signs that something is wrong with your roof, you can hardly think of yourself as negligible. However, if you see the warning signs that something is wrong and do nothing about it for whatever reason, you could be causing a headache. 

As mentioned above, it is best to have any roofing issues inspected as soon as possible once you detect a problem. Some homeowners are scared off by the price of having a roof fixed, but at the end of the day, letting a roof deteriorate is much more expensive than having a small problem fixed. With leaks, small problems can turn into big problems quickly. Not only will there be even more damage done to your roof, but if it collapses, it can damage or destroy important items in your home. That’s not to mention all the water damage that could be done to your home. 

Equipment related damage

If you have an HVAC unit on the roof of your house, it could cause some trouble. These units must be attached to your roof somehow, normally done with screws or nails. So, if you are wondering, this is why you have water leaking through nails in roof

These areas aren’t sealed, so during especially strong weather occurrences, water may leak through the punctures in your roof, causing a leak. Also, parts of rooftop units can deteriorate or rot, adding an extra entryway for water on your roof. 

Common areas to find leaks

Now that you know the cause of leaks, you should know where to look out for them. A leak can happen anywhere on your roof, but some spots are more common. For example, if you notice water damage in the corners of your ceiling and wall, you are likely to have a leak where roof meets wall. Homes with chimneys might find that they leak more commonly than other homes. Valleys are where two portions of a roof intersect, and they can cause many issues because of pooling. 

One surprising location of a roof leak could wind up not being your roof! It could be your attic. Condensation pipes live in your attic, and if anything were to happen to them, they could cause significant water pooling on your ceiling. 

While knowing everything you can about roof leaks is good, if you suspect you have one, you should call an experienced professional immediately.

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