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What Roof Flashing Materials Do

What Roof Flashing Materials Do

Understanding your roof’s components is crucial to proper maintenance and avoiding expensive repairs. Your roof’s health depends on many factors, and one critical element that should not be ignored is roof flashing. This blog will dive into roof flashing details, why it’s important, and the various flashing materials available. What is Flashing on A Roof?…

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What Are the Signs My Roof Has Problems

Roof Shingles

Imagine this: You’re comfortably snuggled up in your living room on a rainy day, enjoying a good book, when suddenly, a drop of water lands on your forehead. That’s not rain; your roof tells you it needs some attention. In this article, we’ll walk you through the signs of a problematic roof and how to…

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What Are the Different Types of Asphalt Shingles

Shingles on a roof

Picture this: It’s a dark, stormy night, and you’re curled up on the couch with your family. You can hear the rain pelting against your roof, but you don’t have a care in the world because you know that your home is safe and dry. That feeling of security is priceless, and it all starts…

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How Long Will My Roof Last

A light brown two story house

Do you live in an old home? Or maybe you just bought a house? Whatever the case, you may wonder how long your roof will last. Well, this depends on many variables, but the good news is that no matter what material you choose for your roof, it should last you for quite some time.…

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How Long Do Roof Replacements Take

Roofer replacing the wood on the roof

Being a homeowner can come with a lot of minors to major inconveniences. Anytime we expect certain comforts in life, it’s hard to deal with when they are taken away. One of the biggest pains in the neck can be roofing issues. We take our roof for granted. It does a great job of protecting…

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Good Roofing Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Coins in relation to tiny home

Generally, renovation is an excellent way to increase your home’s listing price. The challenge? When we talk about refurbishment, what comes to mind is redoing the kitchen, bathroom, or other interior projects. But upgrades don’t have to stop there.  Exterior improvements can also yield a substantially better return on investment (ROI). Let’s take a closer…

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Using Sealants vs a Complete Roof Replacement

Men working on roof

It’s nerve-wracking to find a leak in your roof. The common response? Head to the local hardware store and grab some sealant. But is a water leak sealant the best solution? Let’s find out.  Using Sealants Sealants act as a secondary defense against water intrusion and should never be the first line of defense to…

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What To Do When A Tree Falls On Your Roof

Tree on top of house

We have a hard time imagining specific scenarios in life that could happen to us. Indeed, one of those is a tree falling on your roof. However, big storms and other unexpected events can make this a real problem for homeowners. It can be a financial burden, but more importantly, it can be an unsafe…

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Roof Maintenance Tips For Fall

Cleaning the gutter

Just as your car requires regular attention, your roof also needs the same care to ensure it lasts longer and works as intended. Additionally, the roof is a critical part of a house because it protects your belongings, loved ones, and home against the elements. This post will go through a couple of roof maintenance…

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Can You Live in Your Home While Redoing Your Roof?

Dad and daughter coloring on floor

The first decision has been made, and you’ve determined your home needs a new roof. Regardless of the reason: leaks, damage from hail, wind, or lightning during extreme weather, or simply age, it’s time to take the plunge and undergo the re roofing process. But now you must make a second decision. Should you stay…

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