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Roof Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

Roof Maintenance Checklist

Replacing or changing a roof can be expensive, so it’s smarter to take preventive steps to ensure it stays in top condition. It is recommended to have your roof inspected twice a year by professional roofers. However, for increased roof longevity, regular roofing maintenance is paramount. Frequent roof inspection costs could be higher, but this…

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Will Lumber Prices Impact Roofing Costs?

Will Lumber Prices

Lumber is one of the best materials for roofing, and before the pandemic, it was inexpensive. However, times have changed! You may have heard about the surge in lumber prices recently. With the recent price hike, the cost of 1,000 board feet (bd ft) is now more than $1000, significantly increasing house renovation costs for…

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The Impact of Attic Ventilation on Florida Roofs: Preventing Moisture and Mold Issues

Ventilation systems

If you live in Florida, you probably know it can get fairly humid. However, as the temperature rises and you can feel the moisture in the air, most people don’t consider how it can harm your roof. Proper attic ventilation acts as a roof moisture barrier in all types of roofing systems all year long.…

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Hurricane-Proof Roofing: Ensuring Your Roof’s Resilience During Storm Season

During severe storms, your roof plays an important role in safeguarding your property and preserving the safety of your loved ones. Proactively preparing hurricane proof roofing can lessen the chance of damage and boost your home’s ability to resist high winds and heavy rains. Following a storm, a properly maintained roof can determine whether you…

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Unveiling the Latest Roofing Trends of 2023: Enhance Curb Appeal and Value

Latest Roofing Trends

Homeowners in need of a roof are seeing a whole host of available options these days:  solar, metal, asphalt shingle, cedar, clay, and copper, to name just a few. With new roofing technology hitting the market all the time, homeowners need to understand which roofing industry trends 2023 brought are worth exploring. Homeowners also need…

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Understanding Roof Warranties: What’s Covered and What’s Not

Roof Warranties

When it comes to your home, one of the most important aspects is the roof. Ask a roofing contractor. A sturdy roof not only protects your property but adds value to it. But what happens if something goes wrong? That’s where roof warranties come into play. Let’s explore the questions related to roof warranties: does…

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Roofing Safety: Why You Should Hire A Professional Instead of DIY

Why You I Should Hire A Professional

Roofing is more than just attaching shingles; it’s a complex task that requires specialized knowledge, experience, and adherence to strict safety measures. While DIY projects can be rewarding, roofing is one area where you might consider hiring professionals, as problems can only magnify with amateur work. This article will explore the importance of roof safety,…

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Roofing and Home Insurance: Understanding Coverage and Claims

Wooden House

Roof leaks and more serious damages are a nightmare for homeowners. When leaks or catastrophes happen – it’s the first instinct to Google, “Does home insurance cover roof damage?” The answers are a little more complicated in some scenarios than expected. The best solution is to understand your coverage ahead of time so that you…

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How to Find the Right Company for Roof Installation

Man on top of roof

Between the intense Florida sun and the high winds, rain and hail of severe storms, Florida roofs withstand a lot of abuse. They act as a home’s weather shield for the family, keeping them safe from the outside elements. So, when that shield needs replacing or repairing, it is imperative to find the best roofing…

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How to Drain Water From a Flat Roof

How to Drain Water From a Flat Roof

Flat roofs are popular for commercial and residential buildings but can pose drainage challenges. Water can accumulate on a flat roof without proper drainage, leading to leaks, damage, and structural issues. This article will discuss how to drain water from a flat roof. How to Slope a Flat Roof for Drainage A flat roof should…

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